I am a theater artist. I am a poet. I am extremely curious about the world. I have a voice. I like to make things. I am a creator. I like to think about things. I am a philosopher. I am an innovator. I am a lover. I want to know more about you.

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The U.S. Department of Arts & Culture is launching Imagining events around the country, crowd-sourcing a national vision of our society in the year 2034 and inspiring local, arts-infused action to take us there.

This is an act of collective imagination. Add yours.

Just happened:  

The Brooklyn Commune Project's report has officially launched! After a successful presentation at 2014 APAP in New York City, I'm continuing to work with the coordinating team to get our list of recommendations out to the field and world at large in order to build a sustainable arts economy. What would that be like? Endorse the petition if you think arts are for everybody & it's time for a change.


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